25 - 26 April, 2017 | Berlin, Germany

Guillaume Hébert

R&D Manager EGR & Exhaust Thermal Management
Hanon Systems
After getting a mechanical engineering master degree in 2003 at French University CESTI-SUP´MECA with a specialization in aerodynamics, Guillaume has been working for more than 10 years in the field of EGR Cooler and various Exhaust Heat Recovery Systems within HVCC (previously Visteon).
Guillaume has been in charge of R&D from advanced development projects up to application programs.  

12:00 PM Exhaust Heat Recovery: Optimization of instant exhaust heat recovery combined with heat storage unit for internal combustion and hybrid electric vehicle fuel efficiency improvement

  • Unique solution developed which combines both instant heat recovery and storage functions
  • Full vehicle energy balance versus possible energy to be recovered: trade-off leading to packageable size versus utilization of the energy recovered through simulation
  • Improvement in cabin heating, fuel economy & emissions
  • Battery thermal management through exhaust heat recovery

10:10 AM Panel Discussion: Evaluating value to cost performance of thermal recuperative systems

  • Value vs on-cost of exhaust thermal management solutions
  • Quantifying the best options where waste heat can be applied to maximize the Value-to-Cost-ratio
  • Advantages of reduced fuel costs, higher economy and emissions

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