25 - 26 April, 2017 | Berlin, Germany

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Report on Waste Heat Recovery

As the automotive industry comes to terms with ever tightening emissions regulations it’s quite clear that the imperfections of the Internal Combustion Engine have to be addressed: And with up to 65% of the energy available ending up as untapped thermal energy, Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) is currently in the...

Thermal Recuperation - Top 5 News

To help you to keep up-to-date with the latest news, Automotive IQ has produced an exclusive report compiling the stories over the past few months regarding thermal recuperation that you may have missed! Read the report here.

Interview with Dr. Ajit Kumar Jindal from TATA Motors

Download this exclusive interview with Dr. Ajit Kumar Jindal, VP and Head of Technical Commercial Vehicles Engineering Research Center at TATA Motors. Read the interview here.

Automotive Exhaust Heat Recovery Potential

Most of the passenger vehicles will still feature Internal Combustion Engines for the coming years. Exhaust heat lost need to be addressed to realize further fuel efficiency & emissions improvement required by regulations. After reviewing design possibilities of such systems, this paper describes test methodology, results and presents optimized proposal...

Interview with Guillaume Hébert from Hanon Systems

Exhaust gas heat recovery, a Rankine Cycle system and thermoelectric generators are the three different technologies most mentioned when it comes to thermal recuperation. Read the interview with Guillaume Hébert, EGR & ExhaustThermal Management at Hanon Systems to learn about pros and cons of each system, the role of heat...