Dipl.-Phys. Reinhard Sottong

Research Associate, Thermoelectric Materials and Systems
German Aerospace Centre (DLR), Institute of Materials Research

9:20 AM Opening remarks from the chair

10:10 AM Panel Discussion: Evaluating value to cost performance of thermal recuperative systems

  • Value vs on-cost of exhaust thermal management solutions
  • Quantifying the best options where waste heat can be applied to maximize the Value-to-Cost-ratio
  • Advantages of reduced fuel costs, higher economy and emissions

3:00 PM Development of thermoelectric Mg2Si-based material and contacts

  • High figure-of-merit n-type material development
  • Ways to improve p-type Mg2Si-materials
  • Contact development for Mg2Si-based thermoelectric modules

3:40 PM Closing remarks from the chair